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    not getting my money back, then threatened by their financial expert!
    I invested 400€ for the sake of trying, after some strange conversations with their specialist I decided that I want my money back (2 month ago!), so I called them about 20 times (for real about 20 fucking times!) by now, even tho I wrote them an email with screenshot and information and everything they were not able to send back the money. 2 calls (and 2 weeks) ago they already "send the money" but strangely I didn't get anything. Every time I call they seem to have an excuse or tell me they will handle it, but in the end my money is still not on my bank-account. But the worst part is yet to come, last time when I called them they directed me to one of their financial experts... again... who I told that I don't want to Invest and that I only want my money back. Their financial expert fucking threatened me, telling me he has friends who are going to visit me. I would advice everyone to stay away from FXC-Markets and I can't pressure this enough.
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    withdrawal problem
    I opened a trading account with FXCM, made a deposit of $ 1800 and then made a profit of approximately $ 2,700. After that I ordered the withdrawal of the principal capital ($ 1800) and the withdrawal was successful. Then I asked to withdraw the profits of ($ 2715) and the amount was deducted from my trading account with notification that the transfer needs 3 to 5 working days to reach my bank account, but on the fourth day on 03/07/2017 the amount was returned to the trading account. After that I was notified through email that your trading account has been temporarily suspended, and to this day the account is suspended and I can not trade or withdraw money, and whenever i communicate with them, they tell me that your account is under review. They have been reviewing my account for more than a month without any updates, and I need to withdraw my money but they are preventing me from doing so under the pretext of reviewing the account. (account no: 96053170 / name: EISA ALMASRY / broker: FXCM.COM)
  • 5.0
    A variety of platforms including the auto trader which I use
    They have a large selection of courses and videos
  • 4.0
    Offers spread betting and CFD’s
    Big forex company
  • 5.0
    A Great Broker
    I am trading with them for some time now and i am happy from the service.
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    FXCM is the only option in the US
    Coming from a futures prop background I have always found Forex environments to be generally disconcerting in terms of lack of transparency (due to there being no central exchange) and substantially higher cost to trade. However, there are many benefits to Forex especially for "retail" traders. For example, the ability to proportionately break down size with the same cost basis which allows you to have more points of entry/exit. Or access to a variety of markets that may not have caught the wave of liquidity that has been flowing into currency futures over the past 5 years (or markets that aren't reasonable to trade in futures whatsoever). With that said, it is entirely more difficult to identify a viable Forex broker in comparison to a clearing house for futures purposes. There are a handful of clearing houses (I highly recommend Advantage Futures) that are all comparable, unfortunately that is NOT the case for Forex brokers in the US. I have had accounts with a variety of Forex brokers and used many platforms including FXsol/GTS (not operational - bought by Gain Capital), Forex.com (Gain Capital), MT4, and my current Broker FXCM who I have been with for a few years. There was a recent Fiasco relating to the Swiss Franc and FXCM had issues (to say the least). This sort of thing happens, and I wouldn't include this into assessing the company. Their Trading Station platform and Marketscope charting are unmatched, and their customer service and general professionalism is unmatched. Steer clear of Gain Capital. I have read articles stating there is a chance Gain could purchase FXCM due to recent events (although in 2013 FXCM almost bought them and are the larger operation). This seems far fetched to me, and if it happens I hope the current operation isn't affected.
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    I had similar problems with FXCM ignoring my stoploss, especially in the weekends, when almost instrument wants to start at a higher rate than closing. But luckily I took a screenshot and presented it to have them and they refunded me. Their excuse was really dumb. Why have stoploss if FXCM is going to ignore them for their conviniently 'stoploss'. They run my balance in the red! can you igmagine that?!. Do you also notice they change the stoploss and limit rules so that they 'rob' you on both ends. You are stump out before you reach your legally stoploss and you are cut short on your limit. So on both ends they are making a commission for themselves. So the client is paying for a lost and paying for a gain. I am curious as to what scheme they are going to hatch up next.
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    FXCM Brokerage problems
    I use the FXCM trading station 2, it performs well at first everything in place, then came the slippage, I place a stop loss of 20 pips but because of what they call "Slippage" they made me lose 40+ pips tell me what's the use of a stop loss if the system can't follow your setting and can overide it? now is that safe trading?Here's another I placed my sell order on AUD/USD 1.02302 the currency dropped to 1.01739 I was suppose to earn 30 pips on this, since my net limit is set to 30 but because of the "slippage" they entered my sell order on 1.01918 I almost lost the trade luckily I took it off the time it reached 5 pips, now as a trader do you want to use this as your broker?
    Forex Trading
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    FXCM great broker
    I have not faced any trouble with FXCM , their support is very good and reliable. Most traders care about the withdrawal, which I found they are very fast with. However, they have small problems which are the entry set and the slippage, when I set stop SELL or BUY some time it does not take it from the entry that I want. Also , they have slippage problem, I was trading with other broker and I noticed my SL hit on FXCM and it did not on the other broker.
    Sami Alrumaih
  • 3.0
    Former customer review
    I left FXCM because of the regulations. I know that many people like them. And I’m not against regulations, but because of them American based companies are overly restricted. Now I trade based through companies based inEurope.
    Giuseppe Lampanelli
  • 4.0
    My review of FXCM
    I am really glad to be a FXCM client. I have read the reviews of other brokers and it seems like there are a lot of scams out there. I’m not sure what makes FXCM different. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the regulation. But it isn’t a scam. It’s legitimate.
    Christian Patterson
  • 4.0
    Vasquez’s Review of FXCM
    Everyone knows they are the best. It’s pretty clear. You pay a price for Forex in the US in the restrictions placed for the regulations but FXCM is safe, reliable transparent and both well known and established. What more could you really want?
    Chad Vasquez
  • 4.0
    FXCM, my US broker
    I used to live in theNetherlandsand I used to trade with another broker. They do not offer service in theUSA. I am equally satisfied here. I have 10 years experience and FXCM is just as good. And they have language options!
    Rik de Randt
  • 4.0
    FXCM. The BEST US broker. IMHO
    I love FXCM. I invested about $5,000 and now I have about $50,000. My friends say to quit while I’m ahead but that was so much fun I don’t think I can. OMG, I could make so much more money. Can you imagine if I did that with 1:500 or 1:1000 leverage???
    Jess McCoy